art cravings 

I’ve always loved art and collect paintings to a similar level of collecting books. Well as much as I can… More often than not the paintings are out of my price range and in fairness I’m still lacking an actual walk to hang them on so more often than not I end with postcards and after nearly two decades of collecting and despite slimming down the collection, I still have a lot of postcards. Whilst some are framed or simply stick with blue tac to the walls many more are resigned to a box that a leaf through once a month and cull. The dream one day is to have a wall of framed postcards but who knows when that one day will actually be. Like the books, the art collected around Asia and the postcards these are all racked with emotions and memories of experience of the actual. Whether it’s the pipe smoking woman painting I found in amongst stacked boxes in Hanoi, the copies of Monet’s waterlillies purchased in Givenchy or the pack of Jamina Roy prints I hauled back from Calcutta all make me feel. All remind me of the original experience. This weekend, bring on both budget restraints and not wanting to yet add to the pile my art appreciation remained predominantly experiential, although the hoarder in me couldn’t help but take photos.

Visiting the Royal Academy summer exhibition has always been a key date in my summer since I was small; one of the only traditions of a family with few, although it was never the whole family that went. Just me and my mum. It was during these trips to London that amongst other things we first discovered I needed glasses but also made me fall in love with London and with art. Time and people mean the tradition has waned in recent years but this past weekend we kicked it off again… Wandering the rooms deciding, if money was no object, what it was we’d come home with. Whilst a £42000 painting if the moon and another painting titled ‘Moon Anemone’ (only now do I see the theme) one of my favourite pieces were the stairs; which could be photographed yes, but unless you bought the building they stood in could never be actually purchased… Saying goodbye to my Mum on Saturday still left me with a craving for art… Initial plans had been made with a friend to go and see the neons of Chris Bracey in Walthamstow, however they disintegrated thanks to transport and the heat and instead we found ourselves at the Serpentine pavillion 2015.

  Every year there is something new but this is the first time I have actually schlepped across Hyde park to take it in, mostly thanks to the heat and its shininess. A big shiny colourful plastic pod like structure, that is vaguely reminiscent of the Crystal Maze has been designed by selgascano, who after a quite google are i believe architects. The structure itself is flimsy yet beautiful; a mass of shiny plastic sheeting and ribbon like cross hatch; you can buy coffee and ice cream in the middle and wander in and out and gawp as you please. Being quite literally immersed in art is one of my favourite aspects; despite always putting paintings as my favourite medium. There really is something about the experiential nature of sculpture that is exciting; possibly because it’s so unique. And whilst my art cravings have yet to be fully satisfied I’m most definitely no longer at the point of starvation! Next stops will hopefully be both Chris Bracey and Scream London; but who knows!

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