wild tuesdays

I hate Tuesdays. I always feel at my lowest on a Tuesday. It’s that day reality kicks in; it’s the day when I end up in an internet blackhole and seeking inspiration and cocktails whilst hatching secret plans to take over the world

So a few months back when I was staying with my Mum in the middle of nowhere in their newly built house (the previous one burnt down) with flaky internet and alot of time to think, I started thinking and inspired by a recent job application that went into the internet never to be heard of again, I came up with a business ideas and the skeleton of a plan that had no real cement of business acumen. It was notes and random projections. A lot of thinking, researching later and that plan has organically changed for the betterand now it’s ready for actual practical stuff. Because as much as I love the idea; i may be the only one and that does not a business make.

So now i’m onto the second stage which is find out what people think. The plan is to finalise the audience research whilst kicking off marketing at the same point; whilst the ‘elevator pitch’ I guess, is sustainable, ethical supplier focused e-commerce, it’s not quite that simple as just producing a product and selling it. Mostly because that would defeat the point – however at present i have no idea if people will actually buy the products. But that’s not a huge issue as I’m also lacking funds and well, products.

But hey ho; i forge on.

So why now? Why am I putting it out her? Well one, it’s Tuesday. My ‘shit day’ and it’s where my head is at, thus where my blog is at. Secondly; the intricacies of the project were initially an idea that required on certain factors being made achievable. Now they are and I have a deadline of 6 weeks to get to supplier stage. Is it viable and how much cash do I actually need? To be fair I should probably be working on stuff like finishing my survey monkey and getting to grips with mailchimp instead of blogging BUT i guess fear has kicked in. Me having my own start-up… let’s just say those who i’ve told have been mostly cynical. They know me after all. But we all need plans, ideas to get us through. I need many and this is one.

More secrets to be revealed soon. The wise may already have guessed.

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