5094 miles to home

It’s 7.30am and on my road, we’re one of the last households to stir and i’m the first one up and awake. The temperature is 28 and rising; the monsoon clouds have cleared and the sky is a blissful blue. Crows circle; dogs wander and the traffic on the tarmac below is a heady mix of pristine school students, bicycles, cars and the obligatory tuktuks; it’s a far cry from E14.

It’s taken 5 months to set my feet back on Indian soil; a country I have fallen head over heels for. I was to be fair half way there before I arrived for six months in July 2012; the 4 weeks i took in february only confirmed that India is good for my tan and good for my soul. When I saw an opportunity to volunteer i seized it in a well and truly practical manner and now I’m here.

Rooftop views of Fort Kochi

Rooftop views of Fort Kochi

Unlike previous trips where i’ve generally stayed in one place for only a few days (although there have been a few exceptions) this time i’m staying put; embracing the slow travel movement and embracing India; or specifically Kerala. I have a home, a role and after accidentally leaving my own at home I have even procured a french press thanks to the brilliant Jinsun at Kochi’s branch of Cafe Coffee Day.

Kochi's infamous chinese fishing nets

Kochi’s infamous chinese fishing nets

Not having to rush around trying to see and do everything is an ideal situation for me to be in right now; London was getting far to hectic for my liking and I need to take stock whilst working on my personal and professional development – I mean how many angsty work based blogs have surfaced in recent months? It’s ridiculous. It’s only been a week but already my breathing, my skin, my nails have improved; the time spent in luxury at local hotel pool; alongside the hours spent outside have added some colour already and despite still acclimatizing to the heat it’s a welcome change from grey and miserable London. My main aims alongside the work aspect are too embrace everything on offer and take it slowly – whilst of course keeping this blog up to date! That’s it – let’s see where it takes me!

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