sweet AM

It’s 5am and the Keralan Sky is singing. A single voice from the nearby Hindu temple breaks through the post monsoon splurge and within minutes is joined by the opening prayers of the nearby mosque.Moments like this are rare in the grand scheme of Indian history yet a daily occurrence and as common as my morning alarm in Fort Kochin. Two voices singing together in almost harmony despite their notoriously fractious past whilst lightening bolts still flash in the distance.

Despite not being an early riser, mornings in India are quite possible my favourite time of the day and ones I could easily miss if I let my body submit to its natural rhythms of sleep. This morning I’m awake because of an airport run. To be fair the nights deafening rain isn’t something I have been able to sleep through either. Whilst one of the new negatives of the job is definitely the flight times of our departures and arrivals; these awkward hours are definitely sweetened  by India’s charms.

The sun’s beginning to rise as the call to prayer is an abrupt jolt to the soothing harmony; a dog joins in; howling it’s way through. Tuk Tuk engines sputter into action, motorbikes stream through the river like streets; lights flicker; shutters grind; slapping footsteps make their way through the puddles; the call to prayer has fulfilled its role as sleepy figures emerge into the murky streets.

India is  beginning to buzz and as the light gentley rises daily rituals begin to thrive. Me? I’ll be sat on my balcony with a book, a coffee and whatever breakfast we have delivered. But first I need just a few hours more sleep.

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