street food and scooters

My first full day at ‘work’and i’ve spent most of it riding around  Kerala on the back of my boss’ scooter and munching on street food.

I fell in love with Indian donuts back in 2012 and whilst they got nothing on either Krispy Creme of Dunkin’ Donuts – the latter which helped me survive in Korea, they are pretty special. Oh and they generally cost less than 5r.

So after an intense morning, where I woke up at 730 and did two hours of personal work before trying to explain to our Malayalam speaking cleaner that I wanted our fridge cleaned, I then  headed to my boss’ apartment where we worked for a further three hours – after this I was pretty famished. Not wanting to trek out into the still pouring monsoon rains to the main strip of restaurants – there was a temporary stop in the downpour, but the next was imminent – I took did my speediest flipflopped dash to the motley collection of stores that lie on the main road and found a new favourite. Yes, I found donut man. Where I learnt firstly that Indian donuts are actually called ‘vadas’ and secondly that in this store they are sold for 4r each. I also bought some things that resemble large chocolate pralines but aren’t. They do another ‘flavour’ that’s a lurid orange and apparently citrus flavour (vom) although if it’s anything like the chocolate one it probably wont taste of anything. Oh India… sometimes your just so good and sometimes you fail. But thanks for the vadas that’s a win!


Oh and the work thing… wow, it’s taken me 8 days to finish the post, it’s not a holiday despite the sun.


image – taken by me is the prasad from the shiva raitri in neyyar dam in february 2015. You can see a vada in the middle…

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