A gecko fell on my head.

I was outside on my balcony smoking a cigarette admiring the view and I felt a thud on my head. And then something moved. Natural reaction was to put my hand onto my head which caused both the gecko to jump and me the quick and insane realisation that a gecko had either fallen or maybe jumped? onto my head.

I mean wtf.

Luckily i like geckos, in India you pretty much have to, plus they are totally harmless apart from maybe causing mild concussion to a small child? The balcony has a roof over it and the geckos hang out either there, or they crawl through the gaps in the door frame and hang out in the bedroom, bathroom, they have no shame in going wherever they please, what I can’t work out is why it either fell or jumped? I mean they spend most nights running cross the walls, ceilings.. I’m thinking maybe it fell asleep and  just fell off, and is now semi relieved it landed on head as opposed to the tiled concrete floor? It wriggled and the jumped and  ran off so it didn’t die (I checked) But I mean seriously?

It’s almost as bizarre as the time a cow got so excited licking my arm that it wouldn’t stop and eventually pulled me over. It was a cute cow. Massive ears.

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