under cut

Being hot in Southern India, or just India in general is expected. I mean that’s part of the reason for being here, right? To replace the dull grey mediocre weather of the UK, where it’s neither really hot or cold and mostly just rains? Moving around at a speedy pace and with my hair at post India length as opposed to pre-India length (eg shorter) has lead to me feeling the heat and sweat way more than usual. So it made sense after thinking about it for ages when back in LDN, that i finally bite the bullet and get an undercut done.

However there were two ‘barriers’. Firstly finding a hairdresser – I mean maybe be in Bangalore or Mumbai but in Kerala the undercut isn’t exactly a common look, especially on a girl. However then low and behold an Australian hairdresser appeared late one friday evening. Then we just had to find the equipment.

So last week I found a barber, muttered to him about wanting to use his equiptment and he said ‘Yes sure’ , now i’ve discussed what this phrase means – but we took it literally and tonight we turned up at the barbers and took over. By the end of it there was a crowd.

We had already decided what kind of undercut I wanted – having learns certain things, mostly via Pinterest – that i didn’t want a triangle one, and that curved undercuts allow long hair to sit better when down, straight across tends to leave the sides looking a bit stringy.. ‘Do you want to keep it?’ asked my new aussie friend as she wielded the barbers clippers and grinned. Yes go on, so she swiftly plaited up the section to be removed before she powered up. It wasn’t until she handed my my plait that I knew I couldn’t go back but also realised the insane tone change of my hair.



But then she started evening it out and the razor buzzed and more people appeared and apparently the barber who was originally watching in awe, started to give my friend tips…  Now having seen those who come in and out of his barber shop, there was no concerns that he wasn’t an excellent barber and could have easily done an undercut – it was just getting him to do it in the first place, I mean my hair is pretty long. However we managed to also explain to him that I would need him for the upkeep and he was more than happy to oblige.

And the best thing? In regards to head temperature, I can already feel the difference, there is also nolonger a pool of sweat at the nape of my neck! It hasn’t helped completely rid the idea deep down that I would like to shave the whole of my head, however for now I am more than happy with the back; it’s given me enough of an adrenaline rush as is!

the finished article

the finished article

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