more coffee

I have said before how much i love the indulgent luxury of brewing my own coffee in a french press on a weekend morning. And when needing a work pickup brewing at my desk! It wont come as a suprise that I decided to bring a number of packs of my favourite coffee with me and my french press, nor a suprise that when it came to packing neither the french press or most of the coffee bags actually fit in my luggage and are currently hiding out with the rest of my belongings in a cupboard in my Mum’s house.

Bearing in mind I was coming to and am now remaining mostly in Kerala, aka home of coffee and tea, for 6 months you might be thinking why I brought the coffee with me – if you’re not a coffeeholic like me that is. As in all of India situations, knowing you can get something and actually getting it are two different things and often require insane amounts of patience. It took me ten days to get hold of a french press. After various tip off’s, I persuaded the regular staff in Cafe Coffee Day to transfer me one from another staff which, including a thankyou gift came to significantly less than if I ordered it from It took a further 3 weeks to get coffee to go in the french press.

Ravi’s coffee was where I wanted to go and people happily told me you could buy it easily in the local superstore. And you can! But it’s the wrong grind. It’s too smooth for a french press, yet too powedery for just putting a cup with water in my opinion, i’m not really sure how you are supposed to brew it so you taste coffee as opposed to lumps of coffee poweder.  So i needed to head to Ravi’s directly. I had already been to Ravi’s once with a friend to buy beans… I tried explaining coarse grind but it didn’t work, so I knew i needed to go back with the coffee. I had also been told to say I wanted ‘Press coffee’ however having seen what types of coffee they sometimes put in a french press I wasn’t convinced it was the way forward.

So to get to Ravi’s. Ravi’s in Mattancherry down a small lane and everyone who had told me about Ravi’s also had no real clue where it was either, apart from in Mattancherry, further down from Pepper House, Xandari etc. I should go in a tuktuk. However having bought a bicycle, i didn’t fancy paying a tuktuk. So I risked it.

Apart from a near collision during a traffic jam involving two cement trucks reversing backwards down a lane, and with the help of some seemingly intoxicated naked but a lunghi gentleman who shouted ‘next street’ from a balconyafter hearing my plea for directions, I made it with me and my bike in one piece. Unfortunately it then took me three days to find enough time to drink the coffee… But it was definitely worth the wait.

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