brief interlude to usual business

In the time I have been in India, a wonderful woman’s life has drastically depleted. Now there is only limited time. And I am in a random room, in a random town of a random country. I am not there.

When you travel you feel homesick. Homesick for food, for your bed for family for friends. When you travel you have to get used to missing things. Marriages, Births and sicknesses where the only wishes can be that the end is peaceful. When you travel there are times, that are tough, that are unplanned and there are times when you feel the urgent need to get on a plane and be with the ones you love. To raise glasses of champagne to them, to dance with them, to watch tv with them, to hug them, to hand them tissues, to make them cups of tea, to feed them chocolate. To just be there.

But you know that for most parts the wishes would be for you to stay. To travel, to live life to the fulfil and enjoy every moment and every step along the way. And you hope, always, that you have made the right choice.


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