those who fail to plan, plan to fail…

Or something like that. I love a ‘life quote’ and am genuinely thankful to the endless supply Google can provide at a milliseconds notice. So where are we going?  I planned to be here in India as much as I had a backup plan. I am a planner. However in recent years i’ve forced myself to throw caution to the wind…. the results have been often interesting and most definitely assisted in helping me along the ol’ path we call life.

So i made plans. I have tickets but for reasons I can’t even begin to go into, my plans have altered… Now I could be crying in a heap right now but i’m not. Eyes always wide open n’all. So I have two short term plans, one mid-plan and one vague long termish plan that fuck knows what’s happening about that because it’s not happening right now. I have more important things to think about and to do.

I’m enforcing a break from FK, I need to see some more of India, and part of me is weeping that I have been in only ONE temple in 71/2 weeks. So, i’m going to wave goodbye to Kerala temporarily (I think) and head in search of Temples, Coffee and a suntan… AKA Karnataka!

Last time I had the option to travel north of Kerala in Feb, I skipped over Karnataka and trained it up to Goa. The previous time, plans for Karnataka ending up being limited to 14 painful hours in Bangalore and a minor accident and cycle trek in Hampi due to time, money and logistics. As Karnataka is still in India and Indian logistics of transport and travel is questionable at the best of times, I have to wait until Sunday to see if I can actually get a tatkal ticket but apparently it’s 90% likely so, I’ll head direct from Ernakulam to Gokarna, before heading back on myself to explore Coorg, the Tibetan settlement at Bylakuppe, and the palaces of Mysore before jumping the border back into God’s own country itself with enough time to skim Munnar before I take a flight on the 5 December, by which point i’ll have a tan, got a feel for Karnataka and finally, FINALLY made it to Munnar.

However, what if the train is full, well – i’ll potentially being doing the same, but in reverse and going via Bangalore. However *plus point* being have discovered a friend from London is still in Bangalore so that may actually be a good thing…. it’s taken me most of the past two days to work out what I want to do where I want to go, my budget and the varying transport options… a couple of others have also been thrown into the mix and to be fair ALOT rests on the train ticket and by Sunday PM the plans may have all changed and I could easily be boarding a government bus to Thekkady come Monday.
Update: Indian railway is on my side…. Gokarna here I come!

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