not all about India, yah

So being in India does not mean I need to be a relentless mission to see everything and go everywhere right? I’ve mentioned it before but something about India, and I can’t pinpoint it, does such great things for my soul and for my skin (and I’m not just referring to regularly using Fab India’s charcoal facemask/scrub!) It genuinely helps me to slow down and re-evaluate and prioritise. I’m not the only one thinking this way, I am just lucky enough to step outside daily ‘normal’ restraints so that my usual routine is completely and utterly interupted. In other words I AM FREE!

If you follow me on Twitter (shameless plug 1blondewanders aka wandering blonde) then you’ll see some of the bits and pieces not related directly to India that i’ve recently re-tweeted…

Firstly, ‘The Evolution of Simplicity’ by David Brooks for The New York Times in which Brooks puts a heavy focus on Marie Kondo’s book ‘The magical art of tidying’ which is actually the first book I read in 2015 and LOVED. I thoroughly recommend it although I can’t say it worked (although to be fair, it didn’t work because I cheated) I did remove bagfuls of stuff from my life off the back of it. I’m already a big believer in the quarterly clearout (I spend alot of time discarding stuff but also to be fair quite alot accumulating as well!) Being ‘back on the road’ is easier however i’m still in a clearing out situation – i’ve spent the best part of a week doing that – literally taking a blunt non judgmental look at what’s in my rucksack and stripping back – although a certain amount is in a package due west, I have made some significant cuts. I mean one of the reasons I’m here is to adhere to the simple life… i’m half way there I just need to make my backpack lighter.

Secondly, Brooks mentions this in the above article however Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller chose to focus on this solely in her blog post ‘I’m on a tech detox’. about he relentless reliance on technology and smartphones. Normally i travel sans tech, well apart from a disconnected iPhone. This time, I was forced into bringing all of my tech and am due to be trekking around India and to Thailand with a laptop, kindle and iphone. It’s driving me CRACKERS. The worst seven weeks was the first where I also had a connected phone, which although re-assured my Mum as she could text in an emergency, 71/2 weeks in when i then didn;t have my phone and there WAS an emergency it all went a bit rubbish. The other problem with having a phone is that people actually use it. Constantly. At any time. Whilst in the west Leandra and many, many others are embracing the tech detox and minimalist tech lifestyle in our personal lives, in India NO CHANCE. People literally can’t function and almost go into meltdown if there’s no 3G or airtel put your phone on emergency call for the billionth time. It’s made me want to go on a detox MORE THAN EVER! Luckily for me, I know almost have.

Thirdly, This fast company article that was referenced in Garance Dore‘s recent blog post ‘Productivity’ and the multiple comments below it. I want to be productive in my down time. I need to be. I need to gsd in a matter of speaking. Now that involves spending hours both researching on and offline and also spending hours at a computer screen (If I’ve got to drag it around with me then i’ll be damn well using it!!) However as i’ve discovered it’s very easy to faff, to sleep in, to potter and to wander with no direction. I mean I know my blog is called but I need some of that wandering to be focusing on something, as opposed to wandering around the local shop and trying to convince myself not to buy chocolate whilst starring at the cabinet. I really need to wake up earlier, however that 51/2 hour time difference and need/desire to skype with the UK is not helping the situation. In reference to that  point plan, i’d say right now 3 is my biggest downfall. I am constantly multi tasking. And essentially that’s where we go full circle back to Brooks. If I make life simpler than there’s less to distract me, right?

Ref: this is a major hot topic for me, always. You can tell I’m always trying to change and to simplify and to streamline to little avail I mean over 5000 away and I’m still stripping back and I only have a rucksack… this will be a regularly referred to topic. I mean i did it here and here as well.

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