kudle cuddle

Kudlee beach in Gokarna is like a big, warm refreshing Indian hug. Not that India does hugs. Its neighbours are shaped like their names, apparently, I have yet to get to either Om beach, half moon or long beach. Partly because of the steep narrow track me and my excess luggage had to get down to get to kudlee beach (I’m not looking forward to lugging it back up but unfortunately there are no options) and partly because my flipflops broke in Kochi and my lovely sliders have almost ripped the little toe on my right foot from my foot and I have no interest in ‘trekking’ across healand at the best of times especially when the option is barefoot! Yes I do have my silver sparkly toms and my Nike rifts but I tried and my toe hurts in those too. Luckily, apart from the burning hot sand in the middle of the beach, kudlee beach is the perfect place to be barefoot. 

As well as seeming to be almost undiscovered by most (apart from the french) it’s not got any of the insanity of Varkala or Kovalam in south Kerala nor of Goa in the north… But hey it’s Karnataka right? And yes I just described Varkala as insane. In comparison it is. Also it fits the stereotype of an Indian beach. There are cows. Also most refreshing apart from the sea, culture change, Hindu traditions and 4 legged beasts. The ability to don a bikini and chill. Yep wifi is here but sparse and you pay for it per use. So seeing people constantly hooked up to their phones is gone and trying to get back to life off the grid apart from ten minutes a day is in practice! On that note the wifi isn’t great so do excuse some appalling grammatical mistakes that may appear on my blog in the coming weeks…. I’ll correct them when I’m back… Maybe!

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