So one of the things you should do in India (there are many apparently) is both watch and star in a bollywood movie. After already turning down the opportunity to star in one back in Kochi in September, with nothing to do in Mysore but hide from men me and H decided to walk to the cinema.


And i thought this post would just be about watching a film. Oh how naive was I. Firstly we decided to walk. Now walking is not really done in India. People are completely bemused by the fact we were choosing to walk – i imagine it’s again something to do with social status. However 3 months of eating parottas, rice and chocolate is taking it’s toll and I was a mission. Plus it was 3k. Nothing. The cinema near us was closed. Permanently, yet still had listings on the internet? Yep wok that one out. So we headed to the cinema at ‘The Mall of Mysore’ which was apparently was relatively close to what we believe to be the race course which we walked past when we walked around Mysore palace.

So we get to the race course and a combination of maps & wifi starring on a corner, a lady tells us to walk down the second street. So we do. In circles. There is no mall. Now, eastern malls have a tendency to look nothing like Westfield which is where my mall cultural referencing comes from (does Portsmouth’s Cascades count?) so I google image searched it to find out what we should be looking out for. We ask directions about 4 times and are sent in circles – apparently our pronounciation of ‘Mall’ sounds like another place in Mysore… so people kept sending us in the wrong direction!

So we made it to the Mall. YAY!

I’d also done a bit of research on what options we had to watch. I mean we wanted to watch an ‘Indian’ film as opposed to the new James Bond – language would be an issue so whilst new Malyalam film ‘Size Zero’ looks great as does Hindi film, neither were showing and both would involve too much understanding. So we went for Tamasha. It looked light – a love story. Not too complex. I also skimmed over the Wikipedia entry (which at point of reading contained only the following:

Tamasha poster

Tamasha (English: Spectacle[5]) is a 2015 Indian romantic drama film written and directed by Imtiaz Ali and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. It stars Ranbir Kapoor andDeepika Padukone in lead roles. Tamasha tells the story of character “Ved” (played by Ranbir Kapoor) who loses his self by living according to the social conventions expected of him.[6] Principal photography began in Corsica, France in July 2014. Post this schedule, filming continued briefly in Indian cities—Shimla, Delhi, Gurgaon andKolkata followed by two-day schedule in Tokyo, Japan. The filming concluded in Mumbai by August 2015.

We bought tickets, we went to KFC, we went to the supermarket downstairs and then we went to the cinema. Where I was stopped by security. The daily pat down (don’t even get me started on Indian mall etiquette) And then she started pulling things out of my bag. Just random things. So i stopped her. Not really sure what was going on. She tried to pull my bag off me then she said ‘banned items’ I was like okay, what are they – and she takes my water, my gum, my cigarettes, my shopping… she’s literally putting her hand in and grabbing stuff. But wouldn’t tell me what was banned. So I got frustrated and to stop her dragging stuff – turned the entire bag upside down; tampons and sanitary towels and hand sanitizer and pens went flying across the entrance to the cinema. It made her stop atleast. Her fellow male security colleague then came over and was like ‘WHAT?’ so i explained. It got better. I was still fuming. However luckily Tamasha is AMAZING!

Now, Tamasha, for reference, does not contain a lead character called Tamasha. But two characters called Tara and Ved. They meet in Corsica (look out for extras looking at the camera it’s funny) There are some epic song and dance scenes. Then They possibly have a quickie and then Tara leaves. Then she finds Ved (after stalking him in a bookshop) but Ved is different; he’s boring. They date. He proposes she says no. She wants the Ved she met back, he says that wasn’t him. Eventually after some emotional (i cried) scenes Tara helps Ved find the ‘real’ ved and everyone is happy including Ved’s Dad.

Just watch it. It’s fantastic. And yes even in Hindi. I don’t speak a word of Hindi; a little kannada, even less malayalam but no Hindi and I got most of it and i imagine even with subs; i wouldn’t get the cultural referencing either.

Here’s a trailer. Which has English subs.


Oh, and I got back and googled it and replayed the songs after finding them on YouTube, i also discovered that Ranbir and Deepika (the stars) dated for ages – everyone thought they would get married and then he cheated on her and they broke up. AND THEN they made this film. WOW, can you imagine if Brad and Jen made a film together now?

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