31 things that are giving me a serious thaitasm right now.

  1. The taxi driver at the airport didn’t rip me off. The journey was cheaper, significantly cheaper than I was told it would be.
  2. It’s hot. But it’s not humid in Bangkok.
  3. No men have been weird, hit on me, followed me. (Okay apart from the guy with the Iguana and an Indian tourist in my hotel.)
  4. The clothes. I haven’t even found a mall yet and the clothes. Swoon. I’m not even talking about the ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ tshirt I bought on Khao San. I’m talking about the dress. And Thai Style. I’m finding out where these ladies shop and going there.
  5. Chocolate: Green tea kitkats, cookies and cream kitkats, cashew and cookie dairy milk, birthday cake m&m’s…need I continue?
  6. Fresh food. The food has not been nuked to death. It has flavour and the flavour is amazing. And not of masala.
  7. Meat. I’m half way through my iron tablets already, i need a serious red meat/protein injection. Pork on a skewer? Yes please.
  8. Green Juice. Health in a bottle.
  9. Clean streets. No dodging for shit, shit or more shit.
  10. Puffy little dogs. I met one her name is Molly.
  11. Traffic lights. Where there is a countdown system and people adhere to the rules of the road.
  12. Pink taxis. Pink buses
  13. Handbags made out of coke cans. *Proud owner*
  14. Walking. It’s normal here. You can walk and not get every pervert, potential rapist, weirdo guy following you.
  15. The reclining Buddha at Wat Pho. Jaw dropped.
  16. Sushi. Fresh spicy salmon rolls for £3
  17. When a man shouted at a tourist for leaving his plate in the street and told him to put it in a bin.
  18. ‘How much is it?’ ‘It’s 100 baht but i will give you discount’
  19. Fake havaianas. I haven’t. Yet.
  20. Fish on a stick #memoriesofkorea
  21. Working wifi
  22. Thai Pride. It shines brighter than the yellow that adorns the images of the King.
  23. Seaweed sheets at 7-11
  24. 7-11 #memoriesofkorea
  25. My new baby blue iphone charger (the other one died)
  26. Glittery gold temple decoration
  27. Thai public toilets. So far in Bangkok they are clean. And they flush.
  28. The fact that i’m at number 28 on this list and I have barely been 1km from Khao San Road
  29. Did I mention the food yet?
  30. Red wine. South African red wine.
  31. The potential. (see 28)


more fish on a stick glittery temples reclining buddha

Why 31? Cos i’m nearly 32. Eeeek.

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