armchair wanderlust

So after Teacake Travels shared this link from The Roaming renegades via Twitter, it got me thinking about the films that have inspired me to travel… Oh yes there have been books as well. But that list will take alot longer to compile. So i’ve come up with 14. Bizarrely I don’t think any are focused on India… however they do certainly uphold some of my future dream lives!

In no particular order…


1.Life in a Day. This film makes me so excited and in awe of the world.  As it’s a YouTube supported film it’s easily available on YouTube. I also on it on DVD. Just in case.


2. Films about Paris – Midnight in Paris, 2 days in Paris and The Science of Sleep.



3. Films about ‘The Wild’. Into the wild is the most inspiring (still) but Wild and Tracks are also new favourites. The books to all three are also must reads.

4. Lost in translation. Partly because I really want to live in a hotel. Partly because this film is the number 1 reason I went to Japan.


5. Somewhere. This links back to wanting to live in a hotel. I mean if i was picking one I would pick The Chateau Marmont… (I think Sofia Coppola also makes me want to live in a hotel)


6. Up in the air. Because that feeling you get when you fly. I also follow George Clooney’s flying advice about everything. It’s just i fail when it comes to the packing…


7. Eat Pray Love, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Hector and the search for Happiness. All total commercial midlife crisis movies but they still make me want to pack my bags and search… maybe for happiness maybe for something else…


8. Away we go. Heartwarming. A pregnant couple looking for a place to live. So beautiful.

movie wanderlust`13


9. Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. I still haven’t been to Barcelona despite the fact it’s a budget airline flight from London and plausible for a long weekend trip.


10. The Beach. See previous post regarding Leo being my guide to Thailand…


11. There are also a zillion mountain climbing films that inspire me to climb mountains. Touching the void is just one. I will never do it, mainly because i hate snow…but also despite the films being inspiring the stories are only films due to death and tragedy.

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