i ❤️ bangkok

I am so in love with Bangkok it’s unreal. So yes okay my room had no window, the bed was sunken in the middle from the multiple bodies that had been before me and the corridor smelt either of wee or clouds of mosquito incense (on one night it was lavender incense presumably from some new residents not a fan of the wee smell.. in not sure which one was worse out of the three… Atleast o’dour d’urine doesn’t scrape away the lining of your lungs. And it was near Khao San although i trekked for miles around highly polluted main roads, side streets and numerous touristic points of interest including several temples (that will be another post) Golden Mountain, Chinatown and the business/shopping district. I then discovered the ferry. Well not discover it, just took it. And it made me fall a little bi more in love with Bangkok.

So after the first ferry ride which returned me from what felt like suburbia after I walked way too far in the wrong direction for only 14baht I then started to play day trips solely around whether I could take the ferry for a decent amount of time. Walking around trying to find piers also lead to an amazing multi discovery of a shed load of cute cafes, boutique coffee shops selling incredible coffee and green matcha tea (well you can get green matcha tea everything else so it was only inevitable I found the original drink, right?) As well as some super cute bowls which I didn’t buy because they would have been smashed to pieces now but I’m going to next time. No not when I head back to Bangkok to fly back to Cochi (the appeal disappears daily) but next, next time because I’m definitely coming back… Mostly because I found Platinum mall.

Platinum Mall is possibly one of Bangkok’s greatest 21st century created assets. Well I think it is. It’s a fashion wholesale market that also sells single items. I couldn’t leave empty handed and I obviously didn’t walking a way with a dress, a tshirt, two faux Mac lipsticks and a hat for less than £10. I would have gone bats if I had a 30k allowance back to India and a bank balance that wasn’t scarily low but that tight arsed air Asia baggage allowance did save me on this occasion however I have also hatched a few plans involving both the mall and my next trip to Bangkok. Need to work on the small print bit who knows! Anyhow as much as I love Bangkok I forced myself to do the one thing all guidebooks say NEVER to do and booked a ticket to Koh Samui from my hostel near Khao San*

*spoiler: I didn’t die.
Note: pictures coming soon, island wifi is pants 

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