wild tuesday’s #2

Back in the spring on a rainy weekend where I was full of sickness, pining for India and back in Sussex I came up with a genius business plan. That plan included  entrepreneurialism, social enterprise and travel. Business barrier number 1 was that without being in the east starting up the startup was a no show…. several business bibles told me research was the key yet for this concept sourcing suppliers and determining costs was pure estimation. I needed to be abroad. 

The startup went on the back burner whilst I continued to focus on city life whilst scouring the Internet for opportunities that would both, well just read back through the blog and you get the jist. So having now been ‘abroad’ for coming up to 3 months I was hoping I’d have some exciting news to tell. But I don’t. Well I didn’t. Then I streamlined. And now I’m forging ahead.. very, very slowly. 

As most of the bibles warned I tried to do too much too soon and missed out the concept of simplicity…

Trying to do anything in India, including getting a tan, requires effort with a capital E. Trying to do anything socially positive in a corrupt nation is impossible. Actually, impossible. I researched. And then looked at my bank balance. Then researched some more. In essence? Thailand has opened my eyes, so instead of social enterprise on a direct basis, I’ll be doing second hand social enterprise and making it SIMPLE. Kind of, I mean come on, when do I do simple…. Honestly?

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