sweating baby sweating

It was 32 degrees the sun was steaming down after around 36 hours of rain and i was wrapped in every piece of clothing i owned, shivering like i was in Antarctica and sweating as though i’d done ten hours of bikram. I thought i was going to die and instead I was due to pack up and head back to Bangkok for new year. My departure was set for two hours time and I couldn’t even manage to open a bottle of water; the thought of lugging all twenty kilos of rucksack onto a taxi truck, a ferry and then a nightbus was like looking death in the face.

The day before I’d had shit news. Really shit. News that wont properly hit me until i’m back in the Uk. I’d felt dazed and desperate for me-time all day and somewhat nauseous. At around 8pm i decided to give up on the day and spent my last night on Koh Pha Ngan in bed, sleeping and being generally miserable and hoping i’d feel less… weird the next day.

Then i threw my guts up felt ten million times better and decided sleep was for losers and succumbed to one of Koh Pha Ngans infamous ‘parties’ fuelled by water and water alone.

No i didn’t go as far as a Full Moon party, or half moon, or to be fair the nights focus of ‘A jungle party’ but instead to the more sedate, less peopled Maya party in Baan Tai. (I think it was baan tai) going out and dancing is often the best way to deal with anything and like i have done previously, alcohol is not always needed especially if the people are good and the music is good. I hit the jackpot with those two aspects but oh my god I must have been fevering because the amount of sweat pouring off me was just vile. I swear, you could have put me in a drought ridden field and the amount of liquid i was loosing would have allowed crops to grow. Essentially the dancing exacerbated whatever lurgy was lingering and left me the vommy shaky mess.

It will be of no surprise that i didn’t make it into the taxi truck, the ferry of the nightbus but instead went back to bed with electrolites and slept. Half a pancake and some proper chips later and by 9pm I had perked up dramatically and obviously headed back to bed for an early night so I could catch my ferry the next day. Obviously.


Now my posting has gone a little awol, and i’m on catch up but in reality I was due to nightbus on the 30, arriving in Bangkok for nye. Delayed by a day and I spent nye on a bus. To be fair the bus stopped at 1150 and turfed it’s motley collection of 12 into a service station in the middle bit of thailand where we awkwardly raised a toast to 2016 with cans of coke and pad thai that resembled bowls of salmonella whilst watching a fuzzy tv. It was ace.




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