I ❤️ JJ’s

Chatuchak market, aka JJ’s to those in the inside crew is like another slice of Bangkok heaven. I thought platinum mall was amazing, then I went to JJ’s.

First some backstory. I came to India in September with a wardrobe of boring covered clothes that made me look like a good little respectable western tourist, baring no skin for fear of tempting societies unsavouries to head in my direction. Meaning before I headed out, inbetween the time spent in Whitechapel hospital not breathing, I did a whirlwind shop of knee and shoulder covering clothes in Straford westfield. Ordinarily these clothes would have lasted years, however wearing the same things on constant rotation and washing them by hand either myself or giving them to the brutal public dhobi wallas and everything started falling apart. Then i replaced the stuff that fell apart with Indian stuff, which has again fallen apart.

The clothes I wore during silent mediation were so dead i left them there. It was fine, i mean i was heading back to Koh Pha Ngnan and my beach clothes, and the few bits I picked up at Platinum Mall were still standing. So I wore those.

Then I got to Bangkok and realised my bag was so light because i had abandoned/killed most of my wardrobe. I had one pair of trousers that remained in one piece and was wholly relying on my Monki jumpsuit and an h&m leopard print skirt my mum bought me back in the nineties (no joke i think it was 1999) Then i slipped and the trousers split. Completely. ARGH! So i really really really needed clothes. And India has terrible terrible clothes that either fall apart or are just UGLY. (sorry Indian fashion but I am not in the mood for elephant covered aladdin pants or a tie-dye dress) SO JJ’s was the only option.

A forty five minute bus journey from Khao San and I arrived in what could be described as shoppers Nirvana. Stalls and stalls and stall of clothes, shoes, candles, bags, squirrels, puppies, food… i spent 5 blissed out (dehydrated) hours wandering around, devouring sticks of sausages and bacon wrapped mushrooms and dragon fruit juices and hunting out fashion bargains (my  maximum limit is 200 baht an item) My biggest bargain was a thai vintage second hand black and white check dress which is both cool and India ideal. Thai girls are generally tiny tiny so trousers and skirts were a no-go for both width and length but I did pick up some tshirt dresses which paired with leggings will be India friendly. All I can add is that JJ’s is another reason why Thailand is definitely somewhere i’ll be heading back to soon. (I’ve already skyscannered for later in the year, so now i just need a job and an increased bank balance….)

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