make me up, baby

When the glammest shoes you own are a pair of beaten up sequinned Toms, feeling like crap is a slippery slope downhill. I know I know I could have brought the leopard print heels with me, but to be fair having spent most of the past months barefoot, as much as I love those shoes, India and Thailand are not where they belong. Ever.

Living out of a rucksack sucks. Yes, it has its beautiful simplicity and its sense of freedom but there are times when an iron and a decent washing machine are the only things on my mind. Rejuvenating the clothes at JJ’s has definitely helped although back in India, tshirt dresses that show my knees to the world don’t make living easy.

I started getting a bit more alert to my scruff bag status back in Mysore in November, but a tube of baby lips and some pink nail varnish later and my mood was definitely on the up. But being in Thailand were the girls are glam and mascara is as common as mosquito repellent I started feeling decidedly naked again. And grimy. And far from glamorous. Now it’s not like I don’t have a base set of products with me; I do it’s just the heat and humidity of India melts everything and the eyeshadow ends up slipping to my chin before you can say ‘rickshaw’. It’s become so frustrating  that the one and only thing I can work in the heat, my nails, I’ve given up completely and they now resemble gold tinted cow hooves (slight exaggeration but they are grim!) My clothes, which are now new and thus relatively clean also make me feel 100% better. It’s incredible the impact at 40baht thai vintage dress can have when you’re legs have been crammed into baggy pants for far too long.

Still,  I really want to embrace the back to nature vibes, but with my hair still resembling a blow dried pomeranian, i do sometimes gaze out of the window at the blistering dusty roads and long for crisp wintery mornings where lipstick stays put, mascara doesn’t melt and blush is firmly on your cheeks.

8 weeks left until I get those crisp or more likely rainy mornings and I’m trying to ignore the need for glam but ensure I stay appealing to myself and whoever else wanders along. This means body scrubs, face scrubs and leg shaving are still high on the agenda, and eye cream, especially given the sun, is an essential. As for my hair and my desire to wear lipstick, sparkly eyeshadow and heels? I’m holding onto the fact that that specific combo would be ridiculous on a beach, and the beach is where I’m headed.

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