dream life

So I was supposed to be ‘busy’ in India for six months but that turned to three and I ran off to Thailand. I nearly flew back. I came close, I had the flights almost booked, just the credit card details to enter but something stopped me. The concept of doing absolutely nothing for two months terrified me, filled me with guilt and in many ways made me feel like a bit of a selfish dick. But is it ever possible to do nothing? Well umm no. And having been on a silent retreat I am now an almost authority on that.

I had a few ideas, projects that’s what I told people but really there’s only ever been one, the same one that’s been there since I was a kid, the one I’ve used in the past to blag free stuff and exaggerated on numerous occasion, like on my LinkedIn profile…. And possibly my Facebook. Now was the chance to live the dream…. Through sheer drive and the unexpected presence of 8 weeks of emptiness.


Now I have a finished first novel of 80,000 words and 12 1/2 hours left on my visa.

It’s surreal.

Those two month of nothing? They were my dream. And they definitely weren’t nothing.





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