uk/ok #2

No power cuts

Fresh green veg. Not nuked.

A duvet.

I’m in Sussex and you can see the stars which makes me think of Kochi & Kudle & Had Yao & Amritapuri and go wow.

Less beautiful on the other hand…

I’m already googling where i can find idli

I just went outside barefoot. It’s icy

I think i accidentally listened to One Direction for an hour (i’m blaming severe sleep deprivation & jet lag)

I’m not used to this many mirrors everywhere. Especially mirrors that are this clean and new.

I prefer using the sun to dry my hair than something you have to plug in. But am embracing the brilliance of hairdyers. And GHDs

I found a dream role on the internet. I really wish someone would just miraculously giveit to me because as much as I love to write and am actually bloody good at selling other people, or things, I am terrible at selling myself because my fear of applying for jobs where the majority of the candidates will probably be a decade younger than me makes me feel a bit idiotic, even if only for 5 seconds of every hour.


Image: Jumper from


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