My brain and mind are now essentially numb due to the painful 31 degree drop in temperature I am now experiencing. Here are some of those tiny beautiful things, those magical mundane moments that today are all a bit glittery and exciting and wonderful.

There were hundreds of people waiting at Heathrow T4 immigration and it wasn’t remotely like a scrum.


The tube was there. Waiting


It wasn’t chaotically busy. At All. even though it was 8am.


Even when I changed at South Ken for the District & Circle to Victoria it wasn’t busy


I think i lightened a few mornings with my crazy fliplop & yoga toe less sock combination. (didn’t think about it being cold when I left. So i had NOTHING that was warm, I looked like a slightly quirky hobo, needs must)


TAPS. Like you can drink from them and brush your teeth and don’t have to constantly think about whether you have water, need to buy water, fill a bottle with filtered water etc


I had a hot shower. The first actual hot shower since September. (I have had a few warm ones en-route)


I’m surrounded by books. That i don’t have to give away because they are too heavy (there is another book post coming soon so you can see what brilliance i’ve read this year)



Finding the two bags of new exciting stuff that i couldn’t fit in my rucksack that my penniless broke self now needs.(Hello organix and john frieda hair products and many bags of coffee)




Sundried tomato and basil mayonaise


Making myself lunch. Not buying it.


My Mum being unable to cope with the concept of not having a phone and leaving me hers and her old one that she doesn’t use. So now I have a wifi phone for whatsapp, my mum’s phone for emergencies and another phone which is a brand i have never heard of and a sim card en-route,.because i’m broke and penniless. (thinking positively i have already decided that one I will keep as my ‘business phone’

Realising i did leave some clean underwear at my Mum’s house

And the not so great?

Freaking out about spending the equivalent to 700 rupees on McDonalds so not.

Seeing myself in a full length mirror and being glad i didn’t find the strength to buy the Maccy D’s

Realising that my head before I left was understandably rather chaos fuelled and that I have the stuff i thought i’d abolished and not some of the stuff i thought i had kept…

Having so many clothes I couldn’t make a decision on what to wear so i’m wearing Miffy pyjamas and my Anna Wintour tee because like, i can.


(and all my necklaces)


My phone is pretty much still bust. Although it is turning on…


THE COST OF EVERYTHING (because i am penniless)


The urgent need to job hunt and the fear that comes with it. I am ON THIS tomorrow (I have actually already made a little list after some abu dhabi internet wandering, watch this space (and if you work in any relation to writing and I know you watch your inbox)… well, don’t but you know I mean… surely?

I have to wear shoes

And a bra

Althogh to be fair i’ve been avoiding them both since 12.05 when i walked back into my Mum’s house



(because of the phone situation having serious photo issues, they are coming, i promise, i promise)



Image: A tshirt from




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