recovery detox

I have spent the last 6 weeks living on a diet of rice. And dosas when I couldn’t take the rice. Not ideal for someone who generally lives on a paleo diet of meat and veg. for the months before i was doing a pretty good job of eating what works for me.


Back in Gokarna i mainly consisted on tuna salad and ALOT of calamari; Thailand was an absolute dream – almost all protein on a stick and papaya salad apart from the evenings where i sensibly lined my stomach with a burger. And even in Kochi it was and still is entirely possible to exist on minimal carbs and lots and lots of fish. Okay yes I did munch on dosas and idli and parottas but not all day, everyday. But the ashram? Wow. SO MUCH RICE. So now i’m back in the land of full length mirrors and being blasted by the super skinny obsessed west and well, in essence? I’m putting myself on a detox. A recovery detox to recover myself and my body and my thigh gap.


The last two days, i’ve already been pretty good – inhaling most of the green veg from the local supermarket and eating packets of cold meat from the fridge for breakfast but from tomorrow it’s actually going to get serious. I’ve unearthed my juicer from the back depths of the cupboard where it was hidden and scrubbed it, i’ve found the boxes of green tea and i am going for it. 3 days minimum. Juice & Tea & Juice & Tea & Juice & Tea.


Oh and yoga. Shitloads of yoga. Because well, i have time and space to be hangry.


And my inspiration? Apart from my favourite pair of fake leather leggings that i’m pretty sure don’t fit me and a pair of Alice McCall laser cut trousers an ex-colleague gave me and have always been on the snug side and definitley wont fit now? A sense of self. Not being exhausted and to feel healthy, not just groggy.



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