art hunting in Kochi

Fort Kochi is home to the Kochi Biennale, the biannual biennale that I missed out on this year but hope to try and get back to, if only on an e-visa for a few days when it kicks off in December 2017. Even more so now because I have a friend working for the Biennale and the projects sound incredible!

Because of the Biennale, Kochi is an artsy hub. It was one of the reasons I wanted to live in Kochi; the street art, the hanging art and array of cafes giving a western lilt to it’s Indian roots.

Being a one for taking photos, Kochi has a big pull… before I went to Thailand I had already taken a whole bunch of shots from pieces in the street, to pieces such as the portraits of men in Spice Fort (Home of the amazing Seafood Thoran) Metal statues in Kashi and art work at Oys.



When I got back from having my eyes pulled back even further in Thailand; i had some more time and took a further walk around the streets of Kochi that I normally sped down in Rickshaws or on my bike.




I was also thrilled to see more street art had popped up over the holiday


And then, there’s Guess Who. His wiki page I’ve lifted from below…

Guesswho (or Guess Who) is an anonymous graffiti artist active since 2012 in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India.[1] Guesswho uses street art as a subversive medium of expression to practice and participate in the creation of an ever changing culture of a city’s visual landscape and experiments through wry commentary on socio-political issues


Sadly for me it’s now 2016 and in the 4 years that has passed much of Guess Who’s work has falled to pieces, however if your eyes are out then it’s still possible to find the remnants of various pieces…


Although there are some pieces, that I assume are more recently done and therefore still intact!

With art on the streets and cafes that’s this good, you can see why Kochi is such an art hub? And maybe start to get an understanding of why being back for the Biennale is something I want to make happen. Luckily, the Biennale lasts for three months and I have a mass amount of time to get myself there… i’m just crossing my fingers I can make it back, even if it is a whilrwind visit! Not that you can really do a whirlwind visit in South India…

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