kitsch Bangkok

For a lover of Kitsch, Asia is a massive hunk of heaven. Kitsch and temples are two of the reasons I ended up in Korea, which is how this blog originally began. Since coming back over five years ago now, I have managed to find bits of Kitsch in London and spiritual kitsch throughout India. And Temples. But nothing is quite the same as being in Asia.

I went to 7-11, and this happened. I mean how can a local news agent, equivalent to co-op, be such a strain on your wallet? And this was just the confectionary and drinks, i don’t even have any pictures of the wonders of the beauty section… just, well, everything weird and wonderful from nipple pinkening cream to snail face gel.


And kitschy cool carries on amisdst the spiritual side of Bangkok, cartoon cuteness is everywhere, from neon leopard print elephants, Disney ball heads and rocker Betty Boop.


But it’s not just the cutesy kitsch I fell for, it’s the spirital kitsch as well; that you can find all over Bangkok in the form of tiny temples covered in brightly coloured plasticy offerings, faux flowers, real flowers and bizarre figurines.



It’s these little quirks and idiosyncracies, that for me make Bangkok such an amazing place to visit; the cuteness, the cool, the colour, the culture and all the wonderful kitsch.


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