lux Bangkok

Okay, so way back in December I headed to Thailand and spent around ten days falling hook line and sinker for Bangkok. One of the reasons I fell so hard? Coffee & Matcha Tea.

Most of Bangalumpa, the area surrounding Khao San is dirt cheap and on the wrong side of classy; buckets and balloons, litres of leo & chang and t-shirts that would make most people blush. However take the ferry to pier 14 Phra Arthit, the closes jetty to Khao San and easiest access point to nip anywhere riverside aka most of Bangkok for a tiny 14 baht and the strip around the fort is becoming crammed with boutique coffee shops, cafes and restaurants all hiding amidst the slew of hairdressers.

One of the things I struggle to scrimp on alongside hair products is coffee. A decent cup is like a slice of heaven and a shit cup of watery brown goop makes me run to bathrooms and cry. Road life means in the past months i’ve had my fair share of both. The first few months were pretty good because I had my own bags of filter and a filter and I found coarse ground via Ravi’s when I ran out. However after that, every cup was just rank. Then i found some decent instant in Gokarna, although i’m pretty sure it was partly drinking coffee beachside that made it so good… in less paradisical (is that a word? No, oh well) conditions the taste would dramatically decrease.

By the time I hit Bangkok I was starting to struggle. And then I found two gems in a sea of perms; Carbony and Foong.

Carbony is opposite the jetty entrance and to the left, one of the shops tucked into the street in the parade of shutters, and with rather haphazard opening hours.


Sleek, slick and practically empty Carbony exudes everything boutique about boutique coffee shops with a limited menu of quality, well made hot and cold beverages including a coffee selection, thai tea, matcha tea and smoothies.



Foong, is similar, on the opposite side of the road, two shopfronts to the left of the jetty entrance.


However, what sets Foong apart is just how utterly charming the owners are, impeccable service, incredible coffee and just really really really nice people!


In both cases the drinks are a bit more expensive than the instant stuff served en masse everywhere else, but that’s because it’s instant and en masse, in Bangalumpa, the coffee is served with love and affection and charm by people who are genuinely interested in their product and not just in it for a quick buck. During my four weeks in Thailand, i found one other place that served vaguely decent coffee, a place on Koh Pha Ngan that the lovelies at my resort directed to me (the resorts coffee was complimentary, thus instant) but it still lead me to come back here and drink more before I headed back to India. I mean I went back to Foong, anyhow, Carbony was closed…

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