protein hit

I love a good box set to binge on, and after 51/2 months of no tv and no real meat; Fresh meat, courtesy of Channel 4, seemed to be the most suitable option.

fresh meat 1


Using a black comedy about students in Manchester may not be the ideal way to ingratiate me back into British society, considering I graduated well…umm a decade ago and I’m not a particular fan of northern cities (or anything above the Watford gap) but oh well.

In the past 6 days I have become an expert on the sex lives, drug use and other activities and unfortunate incidents of the core residents of 28 Harkness; JP, Josie, Kingsley, Oregon, Vod, Howard and those that surround them; The Stoweaways, Dave, Heather, Sabine, Javier, Candice, Sam, Russell Brand’s head…

fresh meat 3

I can now give you a full low down of everything Fresh Meat has to give you from student protests, feminism, accidents with dental equipment, fake marriages, parents, professors and probably every other tiny detail as well.

I’d already watched the first 1 1/2 series but then, i guess, life got in the way and i never watched anymore. Part of me things WHY? But then if I had, I wouldn’t have had the beauty of the past six days instead. Just as I once felt like I lived in Albuquerque, now I feel almost like I could be about to get dressed up in bodycon, down tequila slammers and end up in bed with JP. Where in fact if I did go outside it’s more the desolation of JP’s house in the country – a less monied version anyhow – and I don’t have a secret car to escape with either.

fresh meat 4

In essence, I should have probably watched something more culturally, age, career relevant instead of  being blasted back to the memory of wanting to be 19 again; like going back to listening to #girlboss, undisclosed, serial and researching Penang, because you know… a back up plan is always needed and Fresh Meat has now almost finished and I need to get a grip on the reality of the present. Like a job and escaping. However Fresh Meat, in it’s magical ways has almost shown me the error of my meandering mind and in many ways has given me the protein fix I needed; mainly because i’ve eaten about eight packets of chorizo since watching it. Double protein fix indeed. Plus the soundtrack is insane.




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