This wasn’t what I was going to post today. I was going to post something less pictorial with greater depth and less self-pondering but i’ll leave that for tomorrow. Instead here’s some things that I have been doing

Drinking way too much green tea and honey I think my skin is actually turning green. Oh well, only another 56, 57 teabags to go and i’ll be like Beyonce. Maybe. On the plus side my skin less like a typical teenager and my thighs aren’t as trunk like. I think.


Becoming far too absorbed in pictures from the Ashish SS016 collection, so much so I want to just live within it.


Listening to this Coldplay song on repeat on YouTube but not watching the video because it annoys me.Yes yes I like Coldplay.

Then listening to this song on repeat because I can’t get it out of my head…it’s the theme tune for BBC3 drama Thirteen, in case you’re still trying to place it.

Wondering if I should add sliced oranges to a bath and then deciding it probably wont leave me with glowing skin, just sticky. 

orange slice bath.jpg


Thinking how cool it would be to be in a pool on a giant inflatable flamingo and then realising I would end up half drowning getting on the damn thing. And that i’d rather be in the sea behind than the chlorine filled pool. Only the chemicals are making it that blue…

pool flamingo.jpg

But number one priority has gone to my hair. The Indian heat and humidity of India and Thailand has ravaged my hair  despite the litres of John Frieds blonde elixir, coconut oil, jasmine oil and everykind of oil you can think of. It’s about nine different shades of blonde, has a growing out undercut that I can’t re-shave because of my financial backup plan of re-entering the british education system. I don’t really want to cut it but it’s also nolonger practical given the drop in temperature. I quite fancy cutting a fringe back in and I kind of want to finally, finally, finally stop talking about it and dye it peachy rose gold.


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