culture crunch

In India it’s very easy to dissociate yourself from any kind of news and in many ways it’s incredibly refreshing. It gives you time to breathe, space to think and allows you to have long meandering conversations with people about life choices and men and underwear and organic tampons. In Kudle and in Amritapuri I was very much ‘off grid’ – internet connections were both scarce and questionable when found – and people can actually tell you a lot more life affirming, hilarious and dirty things than the internet and with varied tones and utterances: It was magic.

Never one for the middle-ground, i’ve gone from people and no internet, to no people and only the internet and I’m quietly thanking Leonard Kleinrock and the many others listed on this helpful site, who are the main reasons why I haven’t yet attempted a deep and meaningful dialogue with either a cat, a tree or a sofa.

So back in wifi wonderland and falling deeper every day into the magic of what crap you can find on the internet, I thought i would start a weekly ‘culture crunch‘ where I ummm write about a handful of the less crap things I have recently extracted from the tiny gap between cat videos and Joey Essex. Now, remembering the success I had with Pharell friday (which was just pictures of Pharell stolen from googles and posted on a friday) I wouldn’t hold your breath that a. you’ll ever get second installment and b. if that does come to fruition it’s unlikely to be on a Tuesday Wednesday.

Number 1: Girl Boss Radio

The brain child from Nasty Gal success story Sophie Amoruso whose bible, Girl Boss, I have been slowly reading for the past week, mostly in the bath. So after getting mid way through and worrying it would end too soon, I discovered Girl Boss Radio after googling Sophie like some weird stalker. The weekly podcast is  Sophie chatting Girl Boss brilliance with someone she knows, or doesn’t. The first episode I chose at random, or to be fair not remotely at random, was the one with Sloane Crossley, whose books of essays I recently devoured (they are gems) and whose debut novel ‘The Clasp’ is in my amazon basket… waiting for a paycheck. Not being american and aware of all the names in the series the next episodes have mostly been potluck choices and have included Liz Goldwyn, which autoplayed after the Sloane episode – leading me then to seek out Liz on social media and follow her, and Grace Helbig. An intriguing American, thirty year old youtuber i’m much more in tune with than say, Zoella. And whose YouTube channel I now subscribe to, unlike Zoella’s. Now i just need to work out how to get podcasts on a non Iphone phone and i’ll be sorted for life.


Number 2: Letters Live.

Bearing in mind I have unspent dreams of being a Doctor by completing a PHD based on the letters and diary entries of american writers who committed suicide – no joke – i’m kicking myself I am not in London with Letters Live tickets. I do feel vaguely re-assured that according to the website I have actually managed to miss it for three years in a row… Greater re-assurance comes from the fact that Letters Live appears to have a much improved press team, so now I have heard of it, and also a press team ensuring that the ‘big’ letters are all being transcribed almost immediately online.  This means that i can  read the golden words of Caitlin Moran written in her open letter to teenage girls and I’m hoping at some point, watch them on the Letters Live YouTube channel.  You can also read Caitlin’s amazing letter here, via Stylist. Grab a tissue, you might possibly need it.


Number 3: Lourdes for Stella McCartney

This has made it onto the culture crunch for one primary reason. My ability to understand the initial release, despite it being in French. Yes. My french means that I was all over this news by the time any of the brits on my Twitter feed got their act together. It proves several things; firstly cutting vegetables with french people for six weeks definitley improves your french. Two, if there are no french people around to speak to, following the french versions of things you would normally follow in English on twitter, also works. So thankyou Le Parisien for re-enforcing my positivity in my ability to ‘almost’ speak a second language:

La fille de Madonna pose pour Stella McCartney

And yes I mean the whole article not just the tweet.



Number 4: One Tree Hill Reunion

A massive thanks goes to Cosmopolitan UK who enlightened to me to the fact that every year in Wilmington, North Carolina there is a ONE TREE HILL CONVENTION and thus added another exciting line to my now never ending bucket list and a re-route to my ‘Grand tour of America’ that i plan to maybe one day take. Now that would be an actual nineties revival I would like to take part in and you know, Chad Michael Murray…

Luke Bailey @Buzzfeed also encouraged me into booking a flight across the Atlantic with this diet of wonder, well he would have done if he’d stopped at number 25.  Chad Michael Murray VS Squeezy Cheese? I’m sorry Chad, i’m sorry.








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