fash panic

So i think i may have mentioned just a few times that before I went to India, despite the mini-break in Whitechapel, I threw most of my belongings into the bin at my nearest charity shop? In case you want more info I wrote about it… here, here and umm here.

Now it’s not that i’m regretting throwing away the items in my wardrobe that i detested so, it’s just i hadn’t quite expected a. the change in circumstances that i came back to face or b. that i would need a coat in March. For the latter i am still blaming the lack of Oxygen to my blood causing me go a little too overboard in my eviction from my life of everything I didn’t absolutely love.

Well nearly everything. I had to keep some stuff I only like because I needed, say a black pair of leggings, to wear with one of the many oversize tops I do actually love. So now I have a wardrobe I love, yet one that may possibly be entirely unsuitable for life. Or interviews. Which is now a ‘hurdle’ I am facing.

To be fair, it’s not all entirely unsuitable, although if I had the choice I would have next day delivered an entire new wardrobe, including underwear most likely, from asos and ticked that anxiety ridden box. Instead, I worked out what I look appropriate in, tried it on, ironed it and have had it hanging on my wardrobe door. And I did this before I actually had an interview, positive thinking meaning if I see myself at an interview then an interview will arrive – You laugh – it appears to have worked.

So then i did what any sane person does and searched the internet for anything i could find about my future employer and found masses.  Including interview advice about what to wear and what not to wear. And guess which box my outfit kind of falls into. Yup. The latter. So now my anxiety is kicking in and i’m panicking and trying to decide if I should switch it up and wear something that is more suitable yet makes me ridiculously concious of every body hang up I have… or stick to my guns and the style I have been relying on for about 5 years? The one where oversize tops and skinny trousers make me feel strong, confident and powerful?





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