open sesame

A few weeks back when I was shacked up in an ashram and sharing a room with a Canadian massage therapist, I was enlightened to the greater benefits of sesame oil. Being a big one for non-mayo alternatives i’ve been chucking it on salads for years now; i just never really thought to put it on my skin.

Coconut oil, yes but sesame oil? I tested it out whilst in India and bottles were 18 rupees and kind of fell in love with the texture it gives your skin and the slightly nutty aroma. Weird possibly. But it, according to my roomie, gets way deeper than any other oil around in regards to its positive affect on not just your skin but your muscles and your internal organs. She swears by it.

Back in the uk, I as per usual, forgot about the sesame oil – it had only been what 72 hours without its use? Instead I was back to coconut oil and vaseline intensive moisturising spray and baby lotion etc etc etc

But then, well, my mouth got a bit gross. It’s a side effect apparently of the steroids I had six months ago and the inhaler i now have to take twice a day for the rest of my life so i don’t end up back in A&E so help me god on both counts. By gross, i mean my tongue was not quite the same colour it normally is. I also realised  jetlag had lead to me forgetting the inhaler, waking up and taking it and going back to sleep. Forgetting inhaler rule number 2, rinse your mouth out otherwise your mouth is going to turn to rankness.

A gross mouth is not pretty, or pleasant and on a budget and living miles from a doctors I decided to google ‘home remedies’ before trying to battle the NHS for a second ’emergency appointment within a 48 hour period. And apparently oil swilling with sesame oil is the best option. Ahhh sesame oil that brilliant ingredient, if only i still had some.

Trying to find sesame oil, non toasted, in India is as easy as trying to find dirt. Sussex less so. Toasted yes. Non-toasted? Not so. I finally find an extortionately prices bottle in the international food section of a relatively local branch of tescos, thankfully this bit of sussex is essentially posh, so i’m not the only one in search of weird ingredients, although probably the only one looking for them who shops in Tescos. But anyway. I found it, hidden in a bottom shelf corner near the water chestnuts and tofu.

A week later of oil swilling and both me and my tongue are feeling alot better. Although the FAFF of oil swilling is worth a mention.

It’s oil, putting it down a plug hole will probably block the pipes and as my Mum and Stepdad have been resident in their newly built post fire house for barely a year blocking the bathroom pipes because of sesame oil is something that wouldn’t go down to well.

The internet gives a heads up on this, they advise to ‘spit it into a trash can’. Not quite so easy because my Mum and stepdad don’t also see the point in bathroom trash bags, so instead i’ve been swilling and gobbing sesame oil into tissues and then chucking them. Sounds fine. Not quite as logistically simple as that, have you ever tried spitting oil into tissue paper? Eww.


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