the things we think

With little concrete cash related action filling my days I have been reading alot. Alot of books, magazines, tweets and blog posts. One of the most inspiring sites that I have returned to has been Thought Catalog, whose only downside is the the fact i want to call it Thought Catalogue, because i’m a brit.


Thought Catalog is an american site that shares content that, shock horror, makes you think by  detailing the thoughts of others. It’s articles tending to be both poetic and provoking. Log on to the homepage right this second and you’ll find Jessica Jensen’s piece ‘This is how we allow ourselves to heal’ alongside Adrienne West’s ‘100 things you should sext your man if you immediately want him to cum in your pants’, i’d use the word edgy but we all know edgy is now well past it’s use-by date. I mean Margaret Thatcher was edgy, Kim Kardashian et al? Not so much… Edgy is more like how my Mum would describe Kim alongside a curt comment about how she should ‘get a real job’ and ‘buy some clothes in a bigger size’. Abrupt maybe?


Because it is, the content slinks its way across my social media feeds does make me stop. Read. Act. with intigue, and a sense of nonchalance that it will just another piece of slightly arrogant nariccistic bullshit by a twenty one year old with a superiortity complex even though she’s barely lived, is that harsh, unfair possibly but come on I mean I published on here what i wrote when I was twenty one.. I guess the difference is that Though Catalog content breaks the mould of pushing those extra boundaries. It makes you think. And it makes you think about different things. But then with a name like Thought Catalog it would be lying if it didn’t, right/

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