culture crunch #3

‘Cos Friday’s the new Tuesday, right? Or was it Wednesday? I did warn you when I started this series it may die a slooowww sporadic death akin to my ability to actually blog. When i started I hadn’t anticipated getting a super amazing dreamy job, let alone getting one so damn quickly – the last 4 weeks I’ve been a working woman – and a home counties commuter. Time to blog has been sparse. It would have been plausible if my iPhone hadn’t packed in. But it had. Oh and then my computer restored my hard drive… in essence you win some you lose some – it’s balance right?

But enough of the excuses, Culture Crunch #3 is here!


First up are these musical mavericks, Walk Off the Earth. They hit my radar last weekend after someone shared there cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ on Facebook. I’ve since listened to their entire back catalogue atleas 5 times and managed to pin down some more of those elusive songs i danced to on Koh Pha Ngan but was to out of touch to recognise.


For someone who spent 5 years learning the clarinet and barely scraped a pass at grade 3, I am in awe of anyone who can play one instrument let alone about 12. As for those who can sing? Pure jealousy.


BBC Drama is on FIRE at the moment. After Thirteen and Murdered by my boyfriend follow up, Murdered by my Father, I was expecting to be heading back over to Channel 4 or even re-engage with Netflix (partly thanks to their twice daily emails inviting me for another 30 day trial and partly because of Homeland) However Line of Duty has just got better and better and better with Vicky McLure and Keeley Hawes making some TV magic and Undercover with Sophie Okenedo and Adrian Lester is near perfect programming on oh so many levels and in my view sums up the magic the BBC is capable of creating.


I proper love MIA. I think she’s amazing. And H&M stock is about 70% of my wardrobe. But i find the collaboration behind the H&M initiative World recycling week a little… contrived? And I’m not the only one. It’s just a bit awkward. That MIA who is such a social activist has sold out. Yes it’s to promote a good cause, I am in no way dissing recycling or the inherent need to stop buying clothes but, I mean come on… H&M’s cost of clothing means that their practices are questionable and they are kind of high up the ladder in regards to their fast-fashion focus… I just. And let’s be honest, if you’re going to write a song about an Ad campaign the money is definitely going to flowing in your direction… it just makes me squirm. I’d rather re-listen to Paper Planes, Bucky Done Gone and just not think about it to be hones. Which is kind of a shame because I am still a little in love with the plaited fringe she’s sporting in the Ad campaign. will i still listen to MIA and shop in H&M? Probably. Although i might just wait until the campaign is over – unless i have another ‘dress emergency’ that is.

MIA fringe.jpg



For anybody who has spent as many hours waiting at Indian railway stations – (i think I totalled around 35 hours during the last six months) you’ll know how awkwardly insufficient they are. Ernakulam Junction was a real joy when my 14 hour train to Kumta via Mangalore due at 11.40 was 5 hours late and I joined the mass of passengers sat on the ground just waiting until the damn thing finally showed. The waiting room was full of old ladies sleeping underneath newspapers and train facilities had shut their doors for the evening. Plus nobody had a clue how late the train actually was or when it was due so running off for a quick wee/to find a packet of stale fake strawberry oreos wasn’t an option. But on twitter I saw a magical picture claiming a renovation of Ernakulam Junction station. I have yet to pinpoint whether it’s an Indian ‘dream’ or an actuality. I just hope they still have the ever so useful free charging stations.


tiny grass is dreaming


I did shed loads of Yoga around November, December, January, February. And then I came back to the Uk and it just stopped. I realised it’s because I don’t like doing Yoga when it’s cold. I like hot yoga. Ideally outside in a hot country yoga – Sun salutations just don’t seem as powerful when there’s no sun and you’re yoga mat is wedged between your bed and a wardrobe and you have to change clothes because doing yoga in jeans or tights is just unpleasant. Living chez famile in the middle of nowhere means there isn’t a local class I can nip into (let alone hot yoga class) However with my move back to the city pencilled in for ‘kind of maybe soon’, i’ve been googling Yoga centres and yoga clothes instead of doing the depressing cold, bedroom yoga. And well, i figured these two tops via Etsy are likely to definitely help my legs get a little straighter and my arms a little stronger.



It would be impossible not to mention Prince in this weeks Culture Crunch, just as would be Victoria Wood. However, I am so clearly caught up in the lighter elements of life I did actually forget both. I think it’s denial. Music and comedy are two elements of life that make life worth living. We don’t *need* either; but we do don’t we? In many cases, pictures speak louder than words – if you want great words – The Guardian as always is doing a stellar job. In homage to Victoria – you need one of the many, many, many clips on YouTube that will undoubtedly have you peeing yourself with laughter. For Prince? The New Yorker won.

The New Yorker Purple Rain


I promise next week I will try and remember to post and remember to post on time.

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