payday splurge. or not.

Today is a magical day! Well it should be, I should have already caned at least 60% of the first salary I have received in six months on shit right? It’s just some incredibly annoying mofo decided to clone my card so i’m currently unable to purchase anything unless I use cash which is a bloody damn shame because there are many amazingly wonderful magical things out in the world that I have been gazing at for weeks, and now? No can do, and unfortunately at least two of the below have already sold out in my size. (insert crying face) Although to be fair, I would say all of them fall into the category of things I definitely want as opposed to things I actually need… although to be honest, if it happened to come up in a court of law – I reckon I could argue my case…


I’m finally moving back to London on Monday (double woop) and I thought this incredible Giraffe flower pot from Urban Outfitters would be an amazing addition to my new abodeGiraffe plant pot

Meanwhile in an attempt to save cash I need to remember to brew my coffee at work as opposed to buying it from the Pret next door and this Lalaland Brewless (Clueless) mug I think would be just the thing to inspire me to get brewing…

Brewless Clueless Mug

Obviously, there are a gazillion pieces on Asos that still remain in my massively overfilled online basket but this pink and nude prom skirt, this incredible Story of Lola Metallic silver Biker Jacket and Alice in wonderland VANs are my current top 3 picks…



And yes, I would wear them altogether.

With one of these three amazing Topshop Nail Varnishes (which go by the pretty epic names of Usual Suspects, Wonderland and Aurora)




Because payday is usually a day I splurge on fancy food – being in bloody sussex and getting a free food delivery at work (uhh hello another new perk to my amazing new dreeeam job) I figured these birthday cake Oreos would be a sensible purchase. They might even taste like the Birthday cake M&M’s I became obsessed with in Bangkok… I mean come on, I didn’t even know Urban Outfitters sold ‘food’.

Birthday Cake Oreos


And finally? Yep the Kanye Candle. I need this in my life and I don’t care what anyone says. Fingers crossed UO on Oxford Street has it in stock because that’s where i’m headed tomorrow…

Kanye Candle


In all fairness I should probably be thankful the bastards cloned my card, because lets be honest – in two weeks if i’m wearing *that outfit* and starring at my Kanye candle, i’ll probably also be surviving on miso soup and free office cake given the actual giant amount of cash i have to handover for the flat. Surely this is a good thing… surely?


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