climate changes

It’s been almost a month since i’ve been based back in London and oh how I started this journey, once again, with so many plans. The card cloning set me back a chunk and since then i’ve spent almost every spare penny on bleach and/or Itsu dumplings.

The peoples/yoga/horse riding/bookclubs/nightclubs/talks have mostly yet to materialise due to the significant lack of change loitering in my pocket and also because of all the scrubbing; if it wasn’t for Soap & Glory ‘Hand Food’, i probably wouldn’t have any hands left; they would have just disintegrated. Instead i have been trying to acclimatize back to my former life, even though my current one is barely recognisable. Because everything has changed; yet in the same ways nothing has. But oh how it really really has. The job/house/life perspective has all shifted in wholly positive directions and I guess these last weeks have been about re-adjusting to the life climate change that has taken place. Where everything is all the same. Yet so different.

I’ve also watched a helluva alot of Nexflix, partly because the bleach has made me really tired.

I have also managed to nest. To take stock, to organise my stock and start structuring routines and processes outside of my working day. However the thing is, I do now love my job so the genuine need for ‘extra curricular’ excitement isn’t quite so crucial. I have done alot of observing, thinking and wandering. Soho for instance, is an example of progress. Or moreover, my navigation of Soho is progress.


Despite living on/off in London for over a decade  I always get lost in Soho. Always. Normally during the time i’m trying to cross quickly from Oxford Circus to Covent Garden and somehow end up in Bloomsbury. Or when i’m going from Piccadilly to Tottenham Court Road and end up in a part of the city i have never even seen before and give up and get the tube instead. Yet now being based in central Soho, i actually seemed to have worked it out. Yup. From my workplace I can get to The Japan Centre, Topshop and Apple (on Regent Street) in less than 5 minutes. And without getting lost. I can even picture in my head the exact whereabouts and relationship too each other of Broadwick, Berwick, Beak street and Berners Street. I know, i’m a genius (and the clue is Lexington) And it’s not just soho. It’s the East end as well. All thanks to my bus route and actually understanding the purpose of Fenchurch street to London geography as opposed to it simply being a sought after station on the Monopoly board, because let’s be honest – who actually uses it?

So where am i headed with this? In essence, the last four weeks has broad back to home alot of what i gained in Amritapuri. Not just that men with curls are hot, but that sometimes you need to give yourself time to bed down, bed in and mesh with your situation, your environment before you spring board yourself into the future. You need to take stock and embrace it, as is, grime and all, and then slowly, slowly see, of those things you planned right at the start, which are still there. And if anything else has popped up as well. Because as India most definitely taught me, it’s now always what you do, it’s what happens when you’re not doing. Does that even make sense?


Oh and I’m starting that blog every day thing again in June. Because I need a kick in the bum.

pic: Lily for House of Holland – she got my dream hair, she’s in her shades and she’s (faux) praying. Winning. At. Life.

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