radio nights, radio days

When I was a child we had animals. Quite alot of animals. I lived on just over an acre of land and my parents dad filled it with chickens & ducks & geese & guinea pigs & sheep. We weren’t the only ones. We were the norm, everyone had animals; that’s what you do in the countryside when you have land – you fill it with the bliss of fresh eggs and forget about early morning feeding times and foxes. What appeared to be a fail safe fox deterrent wasn’t high wire spiked fencing, fences dug half a metre into the ground or re-enforced pens, it was 5live. Yep, the classic talk radio station because, these foxes were scared of people, if they heard people they kept away and 5live to foxes is indeed the presence of people. It wasn’t just 5live in the shed. It was also The Archers whilst my Mum did the ironing. I haven’t seen my Mum iron for years now, I mean she does, i’m just never there but when anyone mentions the archers I smell ironing. And lavender spray.

My personal choice in radio was  obviously Radio 1 and I was indeed part of the teenage movement that taped the Top 40 every single week and listened to it on repeat. Up until the point i realised that I didn’t like all the songs, so instead I took to sitting next to the radio waiting for the right moment to ram the record buttons down. Radio lead me to music and radio has always remained a big part of my life. Even by proxy. My love of taping the top 40 and eventually starting to listen to other shows radio one played made me want to be Jo Whiley. I mean she hung out with rock stars and had a daughter called India. she was my teen career idol. Because of these i eventually left my job at the local butterfly farm and found utter cool-ness at Our Price where I worked for around 31/2 years, under different company names due to constant buy outs and different stores (including a transfer to the Neal Street store which lasted 2 shifts due to my shortlived stint at Kings, I transferred back, obv) My love for radio lead me to produce and present shows when at Goldsmiths (i have the recordings, they are awful) and also to a contract job at Heart Radio.

But since then radio has been on the periphery – i’ve not worked in it but the sounds of radio have accompanied me along the way. Listening to Woman’s hour on a weekend has long been a key part of my ideal weekend plans (along with good coffee) and i’ve started to pay more attention to podcasts although to be fair i find most of them (apart from serial, Undisclosed and GirlBoss) a bit of a headache in regards to the logistics of knowing what to listen to because there are just sooo many to filter through.


In the last weeks I discovered a new gem, aka Late night woman’s hour, hosted by Lauren Laverne and available on bbcIplayer (Cos I’m scraping the millenial bracket and i only do on demand) and it’s my new favourite thing. seriously. It’s interesting, intelligent, world wizened women talking about thought provoking culturally relevant subjects, that check my interest lists.The women are strong and powerful and outspoken. More importantly I believe them. I want to hear more about what they have to stay. And I can do it all from the comforts of lying on my bed on a sunday morning. Or on the sweatbox central line… or well, wherever really.


But going back to those interesting intelligent wise women, that’s why Girl Boss radio, hosted by Sophia ‘I want her to be my BFF’ Amoruso also appeals, her chats with women in business are what got me focused post India and in some ways what prepped me for the job I do today. The amount of times i have referred to both these shows is getting quite fangirly in a possibly embarrassing way, why do they work? Because they have this magical ability to make you feel like you are sat in a room having a chat with a bunch of friends – they lack the unpretentious ‘cool perfectionist hype’ that so many brands are products are obsessed with and go with what they know – the grit, the embarrassment, the minutiae the ugly little bits and the beautiful little things that just, well, resonate I guess. Liquid inspiration, recollection, ambition and humour all just there, for the taking.



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