tales of a terrible blogger

There are many reasons why i have paused this blog and they align quite nicely with the reasons I started blogging in the first place, many many years ago. To be fair one of the reasons i haven’t posted, really at all for 3 months is also technical. My ancient dell laptop may have survived India and Thailand but suffered major shock on it’s return to the uk. Not only did i wipe all of the data – I can’t write capital letters with half of the keyboard. Not as easy as it sounds when you want to write pondering blogs with sentences starting with the word ‘sometimes’.. a fact I tend to want to do or with words starting with the letter ‘w’. It is occasionally possible. You just have to tilt the keyboard in a certain direction and hope for the best. seriously. And the thing is lack of capitals is a major bug bear. well naturally. I am an ex-english after all.

so inbetween making excuses about my terrible keyboard other things have happened.

  1. I got a job I don’t hate, i might even use the word ‘love’ although it’s been 3 months and that might be premature. One of the reasons i’ve kept blogging for so long is because i have been in so many jobs i’ve found somewhat painful, blogging and doing something else with my life, has helped me keep hold of a sense of hope in an otherwise dark and dreary landscape of despair. Am i over exaggerating? Possibly…not?
  2. The second reason I started blogging was travel. That first blog posted started when i went to Korea. It kickstarted again when I was planning further trips and that travel and my persistent need to record things and engage with people kept it kind of ticking over.

But now? Now it’s trickier. There’s so much other stuff going on that… i guess ive been distracted. But I have also missed it.


Like I said the new job is somewhat of a dream however it’s also pushed me completely off the balance I had semi-achieved in India. As much as I remember the time I spent in the magic of the ashram, i can’t believe it’s only been a little more than 4 months since i left. Time is literally slipping away. That’s what it feels like anyhow. But it’s not. I just have to think of all the things i’ve experienced and engaged with in the last 12ish weeks and it’s definitely been well spent. It’s just not been very… balanced.

In an attempt to achieve  refresh my sense of balance I have decided to do various things. Not only am I prepping food in advance so I eat more healthily, I also decided to re-read Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project after watching a video she did on YouTube. And I guess thats where this blog post comes from and the decision to re-start my blog.

I have a terrible tendency to wait until I am unhappy before I do the things I like. surely i should do the things i like when I am happy as well? Right? so here we are. i’m back to waffling on the internet, trying to not think about the certain lack of capitals. And instead thinking about all the things i’ve done that made me happy and how I should write about them always. Oh and a nudge from wordpress to tell me (3 months in advance?) that if I don’t give them more $$$ in september then i’ll no-longer have the glam of a dot com ending. And you know, I like it too much too loose it but I also need to use it…





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