my aim is terrible; or is it?

And i know this for many reasons. Attempting to play frisbee on Koh Pha Ngan was my most recent moment of enlightenment back in December. And then today I downloaded Pokemon Go, because obviously it’s the thing to do right not and unlike Candy Crush it looks quite exciting. And i lost a mass of Poke balls trying to catch the weird blue animated creature that popped up on my desk. It was mortifying and it was only me. Flash backs of playing netball when I was ten and always always always being a reserve and the terror and fear and sickness came rushing back to me as I manically tried to haul invisible balls at an invisible creature as part of an animated game. Since then, it’s been fine, mainly because I can’t work out how to get back to the bit with the camera view where you see the weird creatures and am stick as a freaking avatar in a non-sensical maze. And also because apparently I live right next to a poke stop which means I can get free balls from my bedroom. Is that normal? I mean when you come down to it i’m a 32 (ouch yep really) year old woman getting minorly obsessed with a game she can’t even play so i’m not even contemplating normal.

whilst my sporting prowess never really happened I am much better, i think, at life aims, career aims although to be fair none have ever been direct routes or really been achieved without quite a lot of persistence and angst somewhere along the line. But those life aims? Touch wood, cross my fingers and don’t pop the champagne cork *just* yet but I seem have checked off quite a chunk of my bucket list in the past 15 years or so. In fact in the midsts of unpacking i found a Geri Halliwell inspired letter to my future self written when i was sixteen. And whilst i never did become a Live and Kicking TV presenter – (THE DREAM) I have made more headway than i guess i thought I had and if I hadn’t accidentally spilt a cup of coffee on it, would have been able to check off around 50% off the list.


if I remember rightly the reason behind the list was to provide some focus, some aims so my somewhat lost teenage self could have aspirations and dreams written in ink. Aims for life. Whilst some of them aren’t a reality, many of the more bizarre ones are – and I guess that’s the thing. If you want something, firstly you have to aim for it. And then, somehow you have to try and make it happen and somehow as I have come to realise, I kind of have. Now i just need another list…



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