trippin’ out

I came so close to Morocco. And then a work event conflicted with the trek & kaput. The next trek is at the start of the new season in the spring which whilst gives me far longer to prep meant that I had to make some decisions. Do I make two trips? Or do I go somewhere else. Well, let’s just say I ended up with a mega cheap return to Bangkok leaving the week later. A ticket I booked when hungover I spent a good week being forced to check again that is booked the right dates. I have.

It’s possibly the first time I have ever booked a ticket this far in advance. Most have been three weeks or less. It’s weird. The adrenalin of ticket booking has kind of dissipated somewhere and whilst I’m planning & prepping… My head is getting lost… Normally I’d be in the country by now and instead I still have another 4 weeks to wait. Or maybe 5. Ugh. 4 sounds better. (Okay it’s 6. Seriously, how is it still 6)

The time lapsing inbetween the booking & the going is this weird no (wo)mans land where I feel this pressure to be making schedules & a plan & well essentially doing more than I actually am. It’s just im not quite sure what…

Luckily for me I’m moving house (again) at the end of the week. It’s the best distraction. I’m surrounded by mostly packed belongings and am torn by my continued attempt at minimalism to unpack. 

The fact that apart from books I only had 7 bags of stuff back on match is currently something I’m struggling to fathom. I now have a lot more.

I’m considering whether I should Strip back & re-pack but I’m working on being accepting of the fact I’m a bit of a stuff- o-holic & it’s unlikely much (more)  will get culled. Instead I’m focusing on ahem, ‘storage solutions’. The reality is I’m leaving a house with huge storage options & excess furniture (possibly it’s only benefit & im not really sure it is) to one with no storage and minimal furniture. Aside from a necessary trip to IKEA to buy scandi (affordable, semi lasting) furniture, I’ve also been squirrelling away pieces from work. Pieces being gift boxes that would otherwise be recycled & these *amazing* silver bags that were originally part of a meal planner delivery that magic (think those gross blue nylon under bed bags you get in Argos, but silver quilted!)

But then I go back to thinking about my trip. 

Shouldn’t I be plotting routes? Booking waxes or something… Seriously this proper holiday stuff is freaking me out more than boxing up my life on a one way ticket… Which retrospectively is so much more relaxing.

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