If I was sensible I would not be going to Thailand. I would be paying off more of my credit card, saving for a rainy day or trying to carve out an ’emergency fund’. But I’m not. Travel is my favourite at thing and unfortunately for mr it’s not exactly pocket friendly. Howevever if you’re imagining my trip to be glam hotels, air con cars with me glammed up in fancy sandals and high street sarongs you would be mistaken; this whole trip is reliant on me having a budget and sticking to it. And yes I have budgeted for a trip to both JJ’s, Platinum &711 because I know my weaknesses. So i decided to follow in the gajillion internet footsteps of those before me & share how I’m making my trip affordable. So in 5 easy steps this is how.

1. Prep like a boss.

I’ve been picking up bits & pieces from before I even booked my flights… All those fancy extras like holiday hair care, shiny new flipflops & sun screen meaning these costs have come gradually & I’ve had time to shop around & wait for online deliveries. Also going off season means one embraced the sales. Especially when it comes to swimwear which works well, saves £££ but only if you’re into mix n match styles…

2. Flying off season. Okay so this could be hit or miss but by flying off season to Thailand I’ve halved my flight costs. Whilst this does mean I need to have more flexibility & pack rain gear it’s well worth it. To make sure i will get some beach time, I’ve gone for a country with beach options on the east & west & researched like a no-fo via Internet forums, guidebooks & real people. Yes it will probably rain, but it’s likely it will be only an hour a day & it won’t be across the whole country.

3. Booking.com 

This baby lets you book & you don’t pay a deposit. It means you can guarantee a bed for the night & not worry about credit cards and all that Jazz. You can change amend and cancel to your hearts content providing you adhere to the time limit set. 

4. Returning customer. 

I’ve been a predominantly visit once and never again kind of girl… up until recently that is. The gem with going back merits the same bonus as becoming mates with the Pret coffee guy or owning a Boots advantage card, people like returning customers so mention it to accommodation, restaurants and bars and what you save could let you upgrade.

But it’s not all about cash, when you have a mere 15 days to play with time saving is key…. booking travel packages for a little bit more can save you hours of frustration negotiating different route options and more often than not the comission is so little that it barely makes a dent. I once spent two days booking a single train ticket because I stubbornly refused to pay comission. That was a six month trip & would i do it again? No chance. Thing is local knowledge is one thing you won’t necessarily have and it can be utterly crucial when trying to marry up multi transport connections. Unless that is it’s part of the cultural experience to spend 7 hours in the middle of nowhere…

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