it’s not broke so why change it?

I have been obsessed with the Ultrabland lush cleanser for years. It’s thick buttery consistency that is packed with so much moisturising joy I can skip any other product for nine months of the year. It’s simple scent and it’s ability to remove almost anything and keep my skin looking ten years younger? Why would I ever consider changing it? It’s my go to. My recommendation, my packing essential and one of three things I would have on a desert island. It’s gold. Yet for the past week I’ve been betraying it, big time.
Knowing I was sick and due to be sick whilst stuck in bed at my mum’s in the middle of countryside I decided to shove in a bunch of products I had but hadn’t yet used. Because despite only ever using Ultrabland I counted over 20 possible alternate options that happen to be in my possession. All of which I have looked at, longingly but never had a chance to try out, I mean why change something that’s not broken? It’s not like my skin was suddenly covered in hives… and knowing my skins random and overboard reactions… it could soon be. But screw it, when you’re company is your mum, a cat and an lg smart tv who cares. Plus given I hauled all the stuff to my mums i needed to actually use it.

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